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Price/unit 62


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  • Sold by: BandBazza Cards
  • Ideal for: Hindu weddings

Product Description

  • Size: Medium
  • Paper Quality: Matte
  • Orientation: Square
  • Color: Red/Maroon

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  • Advance Amount: On request

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Additional Discount for Bulk Orders

No. of Units Additional Discount
Upto 100 10%
101 to 200 15%
201 to 300 20%
301 to 400 25%
401 and above 30%

* Minimum Number of orders: 100 units

Terms & Conditions

  • The rights of a design of the cards including their parts solely lie with the company; however, if a customer wants to change the design, it can be done considering the factors like feasibility, availability of the desired material and possibility. As to maintain originality, there will be a sticker line at the back of the envelope.
  • The cards in sample (hard copy) order are generally available in bulk (depends on total price) as well, but there will be no guarantee in future for its availability. As the availability of cards depends on the running orders, there will be no surety /guarantee in future as well. However, if a customer wants the sample (hard copy) it depends on the quantity or amount of total price of the card order and no sample (hard copy) will be delivered with their personalized text.
  • We ensure to the customers about the design and the shade of the cards, however, there might be a possibility that in future there could be a slight change in the colour, texture and thickness of the cards. There is a possibility of change in colour, texture and thickness of the samples and the main bulk order made in a later date.
  • Handmade papers are recycled papers and are made from manual processes, thus the Cards or Card parts made in Handmade papers, have the chances or possibilities in shade difference or difference in thickness which may vary from card to card and Two cards cannot be identical. The cards made in the Handmade paper, thus, should be treated as a unique product.
  • There might be a possibility of difference in shade between the actual colour of the card and the image shown on the website. As these images are in JPEG format, the colour depends on the resolution of the computer monitors. So kindly ask about the exact colours before placing the order or during the proof procedure.
  • We are responsible for any printing mistake if made in the final cards, after your approval of proofs. We produce exactly the same format which is on the last version of proofs finalized by you. Proof approval is the sole responsibility of the customer. However, there might be a difference in the shade/ colour of the ink, as the printing is a manual process. We try to give the exact colour shade but the as the mixing of colours is manual, so there could be a possibility of very slight colour difference, as compared to the images on the computer.


  • What are the different kinds of products available? - Our brilliant collection comprises wedding cards. Our compilation of cards include invites for all kinds of occasions like Wedding, wedding reception etc. Our cards vibrate with traditional flavour, modern ethos and designer elegance- explore and pick according to your tastes!
  • How to choose and make a purchase? - Step into our online portal or and start your search. You can explore Cards according to categories based on the Wedding Invitation. All cards are assured by and all cards have displayed price, discount and card number against them.
  • How do I track my shipment? - After confirming the order and first advance payment over online, we will send across the shipping details to you including courier name and tracking id. Besides this, after your order, our respected representative will connect you through telephonic communication or you can connect us directly via telephone.
  • Does the price of the Card displayed include printing cost? - No, the price displayed is exclusively for the card. Printing and shipping charges are separate.
  • What are the different printing options? - Different printing options will be provided after the discussion with the customers.
  • Can I get unprinted cards? - Yes, you can order for unprinted cards and they will be charged as per the price displayed against them on the portal.
  • In how many languages is the printing support available? - We do printing in Bengali, English and Hindi.
  • Is Cash on delivery available in my area? - Please check our payment system section or directly connect to our customer service number.
  • How do I co-ordinate print matter? How do I proofread before the actual printing? - Please check our Delivery Process section.
  • Can you create customized cards? - Yes, we do customized cards. But it depends on the quantity of card order and the availability of our respected designers.
  • Is an additional discount available for bulk orders? - All details are available over the Discount Schemes section.

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